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A performance coaching community to make you the best individual you can be.

Have a team behind you with the know-how and experience to truly make it happen.

Evidence Based            Adventure            Honesty             Discipline            Performance Oriented

The Foundations:

Here to break barriers, no goal too lofty or too low.

From World Championship racing and Guinness World Records, to leading a healthy, active lifestyle and completing your first 5k. We are passionate about giving you the evidence based tools, accountability and professional insight to be the best you can be.

Get in contact to let us know your goals and discuss how we can help you on your journey.

Meet Coach Jake

Medical Student / Performance Coach / Athlete

Passionate about integrating evidence based coaching principles, with my knowledge as a medical student and lifestyle management honed personally and through years in the industry.

My Results:

  • World AG Championship Podium

  • 2 European AG Championship Podiums

  • English AG Duathlon Champion 2019-2021

  • Cornish Triathlon Champion

Coaching Snapshot:

  • 2 Guinness World Records

  • 1 Age Group Overall World Champion (7 podiums)

  • Coached over 1000 people directly to lead happier, healthier, more active lives.

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Holly Andrews

Having dipped my toes into the pointy end of triathlon and duathlon racing nationally and internationally without much of a clue of what I was doing in the run up to donning a GB vest, I took on the fabulous Jake at the JK Journey to guide my progress through the AG GB ranks.
He’s been influential in turning me from an exceedingly chaotic athlete into one with focus and determination which unsurprisingly has started to show results that I never thought I could achieve.
Not only does Jake lay down the science and pack each week with evidence based sessions his approach is wholeheartedly holistic, giving space for enjoyment and downtime cross training when needed and noticing the times in my schedule where the mileage can really be pushed.
An awesome training partner, coach and inspirational dude

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