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Meet the Team: Team Members

Head Coach


An elite triathlete and coach, I take huge pride in understanding the balance between staying healthy and pushing your limits when balancing all aspects of life.

Currently training as a medical student with a previous degree in biology, I thoroughly enjoy advocating the mental and physical benefits of physical activity and the great outdoors.

I've coaching experience and qualifications in triathlon, running, athletics, strength and conditioning, cyclocross, mental health in sport, general sports coaching and further personal experience racing and competing in a multitude of disciplines within triathlon and beyond!


Life - long learners.

Our values

We want to allow people to develop into the best individual and athlete that they can be. In doing so, we value

- Evidence-based practice

-  Honesty

- Discipline

- Adventure

- Balance

Our team of professionals work with you to establish your values, and align your decisions, motivations and goals based upon them.

What services do we offer

1 to 1 Performance Coaching

Specialist referals for target areas of improvement

A members only community, development and coaching package

Personalised Plans for you next target event!

To find out more and stay up to date with current news, click the instagram link below or drop us an email on:

Meet the Team: About Me
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